UI | UX | information architect | new-media artist | web developer

tech experience

Thomson Reuters - As a Sr. Technical Specialist created business requirements for new web product delivering market data, news to syndicated lenders and loan traders.
Kaarme.com - Co-founder, Experience Architect, tech director of a networking site that connects high school students to colleges. Provides resources for students: access to scholarships, educational programs, counselors, coaches, college admissions.
LPC - business-to-business niche financial data/news company. Architected web-based products to deliver market data/news real-time to syndicated lenders world-wide. Sold to Reuters.

artwork highlights

an early pioneer of net.art in the United States, known for creating interactive online artwork that challenged traditional definitions of art.
net.art in 1998 - interactive web-based artwork including shredder, riot and potatoland
net.flag 2002 - net.flag acquired into the Guggenheim's permanent collection
whitney biennial 2002 - riot in the biennial
wall pieces 2005 - generative art at bitforms gallery see smoke, empire
PAM 2009 - Venus 2.0 at DAM Berlin


I created a course called GLArt for the ITP graduate program at New York University, designed to teach 3D graphics programming using Java and OpenGL.
Created a library for coding 3D graphics in Java and OpenGL, which I used for making my art installations.


potatoland.org is my art studio online, showcasing digital and net.art projects including shredder, riot, net.flag


articles about Napier's artwork


Images and videos of selected artworks


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